Which are good products for launch and which not in PH?

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Hi everyone! New Year, new aspirations! Would like to know in which projects are you working on and if you are thinking to launch them on Product Hunt. Please share it and also your opinion about which are good and which are bad for launch here (Please don't be shy :) ). Of course they have to be normally related on tech theme. But what I've found that most of the products that gets best of the day or week or year are just for tech geeks. And like this, upvotes are easier to get. So, I think that maybe some products are just not targeting the PH community and that's why PH is maybe not the right place. I started to learn to code when I broke my foot. During that time I started to create a LinkedIn for adventure lovers. https://stokednomads.com was built and the team started to grow. Now the community is nearly one thousand and new visitors are increasing. But, do you think this product should be launched on Product Hunt? I'm not sure... https://www.youtube.com/embed/CI... Appreciate your comments
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