When some meeting attendees are remote, what do you do?

Lluís Ventura
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What is your experience?


Lluís Ventura
We used to have people in the office in a meeting room, and remote online, but this has changed in our case at www.comeet.me. Now, everyone goes online, as the experience is better and more respectful with everyone!
Deepak Joshi
I don't have access to meeting room, If I had one, I'd prefer it.
Sumit Datta [dwata] 👋
I have been a remote engineer for 10+ years but honestly getting a shared office with a meeting room these days is so easy that I almost always select that for important meetings. Meeting in person is such a great thing once you have worked remote your entire adult life. The balance is key. If the meetings are daily or weekly rituals then I think online or a mix is fine.