Best day to launch πŸš€on PH?

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Deepak Joshi
If there was a best day, then everyone will post on that day which means it will no longer remain the best day because of increased competition. Heisenberg Uncertainty principle
Elen Udovichenko
Friday has been working pretty well for us! There are typically fewer product launches from top companies - as a result, you get a higher chance to get the top ;)
Irrespective of the day, I hope that more disruptive products than ours will not hit the market for the audience that day. And I think Monday is that chance to avoid such a possibility. Assuming people may want to get a feel of one weekday before taking the plunge. But not without the risk of becoming a "self-canceling prophecy." With that assumption and risk, I have scheduled my app for launch this March 1st youremarks I appreciate it if you can give us early feedback.