We're starting an online school with a focus on secondary education of gifted students.

Dennis McCartney
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Base game plan is to have teachers on staff to cover the normal English, Math, Science, History but at a higher level than is available at public schools or in a home school environment. In addition we have a growing list of tutors to offer a wide array of courses taught at a very high level.


Deepak Joshi
Congratulations and good luck with the initiative.
Alex Papageorge
👏👏 Awesome. How'd you build your tutor pool so fast? Was it hard or easy? Curious based on the current educational climate
Amanda Trincher
Good luck! I think it's healthy, while many people don't appreciate their college education and order papers on sites like this one, others will be able to find your new product useful and gain more knowledge in different areas.
Ashton T. Navarro
We're starting an online school with a focus on the secondary education of gifted students. The aim is to provide a quality standard higher education program for students who find it difficult to attend local schools since there isn't enough opportunity or the support they need. Now you can check https://hrnews.co.uk/resume-tips... for more new things about the study. Why not make use of modern tools and methods of communication while catching up with what's happening in other parts of the world.