Ask PH: Sheet to Sell online system?

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Hello Makers! wifey is trying to setup a super simple online shop to sell 2th hand children clothes. She tried Shopify and Wix so far, but found both of them way to much for her need. So I was wondering if exists anywhere online some supersimple service to enter your stuff in a google sheet (like item name, photo, price, description) and generate a simple ecommerce list to embed in your static website. Kind of with chart+checkout features. Suggestions? Any help really appreciated...


Alex Arevalo
@drmauii I would say WooCommerce that is the plugin for a Wordpress site is as simple as it might get. Sort of hard to handle shipping and inventory any simpler than that. Also its free so it seems like the lightweight solution you would want in the beginning.
@alex_arevalo hey Alex thanks a lot for the suggestion! It looks pretty ok. Another user on IH pointed me at Glide Apps, which is exactly what I was looking for. I will try both of them to find which fits better. Thanks again!