Which video conferencing app are you betting on in a post-COVID world?

Jamie Carr
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It seems clear that the world of work is going to change and with most tech markets becoming increasingly 'winner takes all', which video conferencing app are you betting on in a post-COVID world?


Deepak Joshi
I don't think anyone can take all. Its a very diverse market.
Jamie Carr
@deepak_positive I think other markets have proven that eventually someone will. I guess it depends on your definition of "all". Zoom's market share in the US is already over 40% but will be interesting to see if that continues.
James Skarzynski
I see both Zoom and Google Meet coming out on top. Zoom is great for large meetings (classes, board meetings, etc.) but they have much higher barriers to creating a meeting. (Login, create meeting, send link, etc.) Google Meet is much better for one-on-one meetings. Trying to schedule with someone over gmail? Just send them an invite on Google Calendar and add the Google Meet link and youre good to go.
Kirk Recinos
I think Zoom did a great job promoting themselves from the beginning of covid-19 pandemic, also they have a stable connection most of the time. However I think majority of people will choose Google Meets cause it's free.
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I like Google Meet the most because it's easy-to-use and stable
It's been a while since this thread was active, but I think it's still relevant to the current situation. In my opinion, Zoom is still the go-to video conferencing app for a post-COVID world. It's user-friendly, reliable, and has plenty of features that make virtual meetings more engaging and productive. Plus, it has become so popular that it has almost become a verb - "let's Zoom later." However, I do think Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are also viable options depending on your needs and preferences. My friends and me mostly use Zoom while gambling together at link w88 and it always works fine.
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