Which video conferencing app are you betting on in a post-COVID world?

Jamie Carr
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It seems clear that the world of work is going to change and with most tech markets becoming increasingly 'winner takes all', which video conferencing app are you betting on in a post-COVID world?
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Cisco Webex
Other (Comment below)


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I don't think anyone can take all. Its a very diverse market.
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@deepak_positive I think other markets have proven that eventually someone will. I guess it depends on your definition of "all". Zoom's market share in the US is already over 40% but will be interesting to see if that continues.
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I see both Zoom and Google Meet coming out on top. Zoom is great for large meetings (classes, board meetings, etc.) but they have much higher barriers to creating a meeting. (Login, create meeting, send link, etc.) Google Meet is much better for one-on-one meetings. Trying to schedule with someone over gmail? Just send them an invite on Google Calendar and add the Google Meet link and youre good to go.
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I think Zoom did a great job promoting themselves from the beginning of covid-19 pandemic, also they have a stable connection most of the time. However I think majority of people will choose Google Meets cause it's free.