Would the ability to Chat take over emails and phone calls?

Vijay Brooks
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People want answers/help fast and in seconds in this 5G world. A world so connected that we can reach a company with ease by visiting their website, or their social media platform. I trust that Chat is the future and emails would be like getting posts/letters from the mailman soon. Let me know what you think.


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Chat doesn't prove the identity of a user. Email-id and phone numbers do.
@deepak_positive Social media platforms provide you their information. Is it possible that we would be moving towards fast paced interactions/conversations?
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@vijaybrooks In this competitive world, pace is always preferred. But I still can think of so many things for which it would be impractical to choose chats over emails.
@deepak_positive That's right, I get that point. When the concept of email was created it would have looked totally different that what we see today. We have to wait to see how chat turns out. Also just curious, can you share the features that we would be loosing out by choosing chat over email?
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@vijaybrooks can't share all but will try to give you an idea. With emails we have more control over the Design. No such thing as chat-marketing/chat-subscribers. Busy people like professors/professionals/celebrities may not have time to chat etc...
Azyner features a chat with which you can even track activities and projects. Chat definitely is a much more simplified manner to get things done.
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