In a journal/mood tracking/to-do app would you prefer your data stored locally or on server?

Lewis Hanson
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Hi Hope everyone is well! Looking at some of the current options for journalling, mood tracking, to-do/goal orientated apps on the market at the moment. Their seems to be some that store your data such as journal entries locally and offer the option for you to sync/backup to your iCloud or Google Drive, whereas their are others that store your data on the server side DB but also with an offline mode. Was wondering what peoples thoughts were, particularly in the age of increased privacy concern, do people have a preference? To my mind the benefit of storing on the server side is that you can access the app and your journal entries etc on multiple devices without having to worry about manually backing up etc, however the flipside I guess is privacy concerns i.e. your data leaving your phone so to speak, but is this really that big of a concern if the database is properly encrypted etc. The plus I guess with storing locally is the user feels more in control of their data and it alleviates privacy concerns for them, but is that at the cost of a smoother user experience if they have to back up to their iCloud or Google Drive and potentially even end up having to pay to upgrade space on their respective cloud storage accounts. Would be interested to see what people's views/opinions on this are. Thanks


Deepak Joshi
To be honest I don't care. Both are fine.
J Matthews
We have Azyner which is a journalizing, to do, project management, social media and travel planning app. The data is on server, obviously to make use of the social media factors. All the entries in the journal are public by default, which if required can be changed to private. I guess if you do have social media elements in journals, which is inevitable during these times, its best to host data on server. Have a look at a sample travel journal here