Why Almost Every Blog Start with Top Header Image

Dinesh Thakur
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I checked almost all blogs start with an image and then the content part start. Is there any trend or data is there which tell blog posts having top image below/above headline work well and vice vera. Please feel to share what blogs design UI/UX you like most Cheer!


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Didn't notice it, but it may a technique to grab the attention.
@deepak_positive yes, it can be. But how effective it is, it's bit hard to find. My thinking is headline play more effective role than image here
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UI/UX design is a vast subject...I think you'll be able to find lots of articles on the pro's and cons of hero images (I found this one: https://www.push10.com/everybody...) but at a simple level I suppose they are a way to draw people (along with a headline) into the main subject of your page...to get someone to click through and read more....plus, they look nice :-D ha!
@onmydeckmusic Thank you for sharing the post. I read a lot about in last couple of day and right answer I get is if image has relevance to post you can use the header image. If not, there is no need, a good headline matter a lot than a hero image.