If Instagram could do travel planning, record travelogues and expenses, track travel mates..

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We are looking for more ideas that travellers will find useful while travelling. WithAzyner we have managed to combine social media with productivity hacks while travelling. If you are a traveler, could you think of more ways an app can make your travel activity easier and fun other than just the google functionalities.


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I'm not sure if I see the benefit of adding this to Instagram. The only thing I can think of combining social media + travelling would be some sort of travel community wherein you could talk / meetup / hangout with other people currently travelling in the same places as you are. It's always more fun to do things with people (especially things like hikes), so it might be nice to have a place where you can talk with other people in (for example) thailand and say "Hey I wanna go on this hike tomorrow. Anyone wanna go with?"
@jamesskarzynski Thank you for your suggestion. Why I included Instagram there because today it might be one among the most widely used app by travellers for sharing their travel pics and videos. I agree to make travel more collaborative is the way to make it more interesting and possibly economical too at some levels. A social media where we can look up people around the locality is already a part of Azyner where you access their travel tips and experiences, travelogues and even plans for coming days. Chat and collaboration with them on various travel activities take it to another level along with real time tracking each other and location based alerts on them and so on the list goes. It would be interesting to think if AI can be implemented to make any more parts of it easier and possibly more economical especially for backpacking travellers..
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@j_matthews I bet it could! Instead of only focusing on where users are now, you could have people put in places they are planning to go, as well as rough dates, and then others going to places nearby could be alerted. Could open up to interesting opportunities around shared lodging, making group plans, etc. EDIT: Also group-buying tours, etc.
@jamesskarzynski Yes as of now Azyner allows to see other users itineraries and plans which are shared to public with in the tool. There is also a event / activity planning with car pool and other participation and collaborative options. Artificial intelligence to pick up users travel and activity tastes and display options in the locality accordingly is in the making. What better ways to extend the power of AI in it is our thought for the season :-)
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