Transparency time. What's the biggest thing holding you back?

Ryan Warrener
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Down to interpretation. Personally, me. I'm someone who loves talking about ideas and does **** all, then wonders why nothings progressed, then has a few drinks one evening and gets optimistic that everything will one day click into place. This is something I'm working on. Am I though (starting a conversation with myself here)? No alternate motive here. Just want to see if I can encourage others to share a burden they may also be carrying. Who knows, discussing your feelings may help one person today. Happy Thursday!


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For me its inferiority complex.
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Hi @deepak_positive, the ultimate fix for that is — to paraphrase Ted ''Theodore'' Logan esquire — to be excellent! I doubt you'd have got this far if you were inferior.
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Hi @rynwrrnr, I need someone to handle the business development, and keep me out of it until it's time to get up on stage to talk, do talking head video, interviews, podcasts and such. People are a problem I struggle to understand, let alone solve.
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@waynesmallman Sometimes I see this as the struggle of extroverts!
Perfecting the product before launch. Avoiding this is my biggest battle.