Does anyone want to beta test each other's apps?

James Skarzynski
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Hey everyone! I just launched the beta of Newsletterfy is a newsletter signup form generator that automatically adds your users to your MailChimp or Constant Contact list. It has full reCaptcha integration and allows for custom styling and callbacks. I'd be happy to beta test your product if you will mine! (Provided I don't have to pay to test, of course!)


Welcome, if you associate your activity with user security parameters, I recommend that you pay special attention to special platforms, which will make it possible to provide your product with a modern level of security. It is also worth considering that today 2fa platform has a wide potential, because cloud placement provides both minimal costs and a wide potential. OTP tokens implement the security key directly into the system itself. TOPT tokens for creating a password based on the user's time parameters. Naturally, authentication occurs in such a way that the maximum protection in the field of one-time passwords is established, this is facilitated by tokens of the types of protection themselves. Therefore we can say that 2FA service today in comparison with the analog of protection from Google Authenticator acts with certain advantages and leading positions in the field of security of any type and level.
James Skarzynski
@jeremyhill Sounds interesting. You might want to work a bit on explaining what exactly your site does. It was a bit confusing to me and I'm still not totally sure what your offer is.
Brittany Partridge
hey im in! my product will launch at the end of this month
James Skarzynski
@brittany_partridge that sounds super interesting! You can create an account right on my site. If you don't want to input your card details, just email me at after you create an account and ill add a month to it.