Looking for constructive feedback on my landing page!

O Park
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Hi all, I recently updated the landing page and would love to get your feedback before running ad campaigns on it. https://www.goodnightjournal.com/ Thank you for your time!


James Skarzynski
I really like it! The product is clear and the design is nice. The one thing I was thinking as a prospective customer is: How do you decide what journals to show on the community portion? Like can I follow my favorite writers? Can I filter by my interests? Is it based on most popular blogs?
Levi Nunnink
Hi Ohsik, This is a great looking project. It's awesome to see that you have a thriving independent community here. I have a few recommendations: 1. Can you give more concrete examples of what a journal looks like? A demo journal would be amazing in this situation, even if I could only read it. 2. The SaaS-style clip art is pretty distracting. It doesn't really add to any of the content and is only tangentially connected subject wise. I would remove these and simply the written word speak for itself. Or look for something more unique that doesn't look so generically SaaS. Best wishes!
Wayne Smallman
Hi @ohsik, it's strong. Two minor things: 1. it isn't obvious that the Features & Benefits on mobile slide left and right, so perhaps add arrows; 2. the Sign Up could benefit from aligning central on mobile, but that's a subjective thing.
Alex Arevalo
@ohsik Super strong page, looks great and very clean. CTAs are where they should be and you have great examples of functionality and value prop. I have one suggestion for a new feature on your landing page, add a email subscription to "Get Sample Journal". A lot of the time this is a strong nod over the hump to get users to subscribe, download, etc. I think if potential users received an email with a quick gif or youtube displaying the app in action they'd be motivated to download the app. So subscription form that sends email with demo, demo email has CTA to app store.