Thoughts on new 🎓 feature for Prodeus...

James Harr
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We have a new idea for an addition to our product Prodeus that I'm calling "Expert Assessments". Prodeus currently tracks users time watching educational videos so they can earn a free digital credential. The goal with this new feature is to add a way to assess students skills and certify their educational progress. Prodeus would reach out to Youtube instructors and industry experts and invite them to become ‘Experts’ on Prodeus. People could also ‘Apply’ to become an expert and we would approve them based on their work, education and expertise. Experts will be responsible for viewing, providing feedback and approving Student projects. Experts will be able to create prompts for projects to demonstrate learning at different skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). They can connect project prompts to existing classes, so that students can be walked through step by step the completion of a successful submission. Students would need to complete a number of projects (and get approval) to certify the degree level they are currently pursuing. This would be a premium paid part of the platform, so users would subscribe to submit projects to experts and then experts would be paid out relevant to their level of engagement with student project critiques. The payment component isn't as fleshed out, and i'd love to hear ways you imagine that working and what compensation methods would make you interested in using it.


James Skarzynski
I like the idea! You could bill it as "Selling a course without having to make the course." I know a lot of YouTubers would love to help people learn, but creating a course is a huge undertaking. If you took care of the course-building, and then they were there as mentors and graders, it could be a really interesting value proposition. In terms of payment, I could see this working really similar to a one-off course. People could pay to have their learning "overseen" by a certain person, and each person would charge a different amount. You would take a percentage and pass the rest along. BTW, I launched my own project today. I'd love if you could take a look and let me know what you think! The site is and the elevator pitch is that we provide inline newsletter signup forms that automatically add your user to your MailChimp or Constant Contact list. It is fully reCaptcha integrated and allows for custom callback functions.