How to get and build loyalty with quality programmers for our digital products.

Alejandro Viera
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Personally, it is a constant challenge to find qualified people who fall in love with the product and fight emphatically for its success. We have offered insentives of the type of earnings for life, according to the success of the product. But all reach their limit and decline in the effort along with the vision of their future in the business. It is clear that not everyone is ready to think about the long-term and financial freedom that they might have according to being part of a product. They just want to work to receive something in return at the end of the month? They end up going for maybe 500 dollars more per month and a little less demand in their efforts. #lookingforpartners #developers


Felix Leupold
I think not everyone has an entrepreneurial way of thinking about their daily work and just doesn't like taking risks (also depending on their current position in life, available savings etc.). I personally would be more likely to find some kind of equity payment attractive when I'm familiar or very interested in the sector of the project.
TL Robinson
It all comes down to security. The fear of being unemployed or struggling (in the short term) is greater than the possibility of receiving a large pay-off and realizing great autonomy (in the long term). I hope that you are able to find some dedicated, quality resources very soon.
Walid Shaar
Hello, First and foremost, before making any kind of decision. You need to make sure that they share the same vision as yours. When they do, everything else will fall into place, they will see the bigger picture. However, getting short-time programmers will almost always have the mindset "Oh, so whats in it for me now?" - Not seeing the bigger picture, and the actual value you see, which all comes back to SHARING YOUR VISION PROPERLY :)
Dmitrii Ershov
@walid_shaar absolutely! It is a mistake to believe that developers share your belief in success. Better that loyalty is control and smart-trust