How do you track social media campaigns?

Cosmin Gheorghila
2 replies
I would like to know how do you track social media campaigns. How do you track campaign performance? How do you track ROI of an campaign? How do you choose the right influencer for your campaign? Is the total number of influencer followers important? Or do you want more details about his audience? If answer for second question is yes, what tool you use for that?


Alex Papageorge
Cast a wide net - see what converts and continue the process until your ideal channel is discovered. First, determine what goals you want - converted sales, social followers, email captures, etc. Then cast a wide net (spend little money). When I say that, I mean try a lot of different channels and see what works best after a month. You will see. From there, A/B test and refine. It's a process... Just like anything good in this world :)