500 Hunters - Is there an actual list that exists?

Chris Martinez
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Hello. I am brand new to Product Hunt and trying to build a strategy for our upcoming launch. In my reading I found a suggestion for the 500 Hunters list, with the most influential hunters. This seems like a great resource, however I can't locate an actual list or find something I can use. Am I missing something? For context: - this article mentions 500 Hunters https://foundr.com/articles/buil... - A google search leads me to this page, which is 4 years old https://www.producthunt.com/post... - clicking on "get it" sends me to this link, and I don't understand how to use it https://makernetwork.app/ Any insights on this or finding the true list is very helpful. Thank you


Linda Liepa
Hi Chris! You can find a list of Producthunt hunters here: https://upvote-bell.com/leaderboard