5 things you have learnt from the social isolation during the pandemic

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Human beings are social creatures, and with the onset of the pandemic, we have been in complete social isolation. But now we are starting to see the silver lining as the vaccines have started coming in. Moving forward we can hope that things will go back to normal. So, what are the 5 things you have learnt from the social isolation during the pandemic? And how will you use this experience in your life ahead?


I learned to appreciate my friends and family because life would be lonely without them!
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One of the things that is going to sick with me for sure is this old saying which goes like this - man proposes and god disposes. So as much as we try to stick to a plan to avoid uncertainties, they will find a way to create chaos. So might as well not be so uptight and beat yourself up over things you can't control
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I've learned the importance of social interaction. Higher education trains a person to be a more informed, more critical thinker more likely to succeed, regardless of the field chosen. Why? For society benefits from that, as a whole! https://domyhomeworkonline.net/