How do you keep track of decisions and meeting next-steps?

Lluís Ventura
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Remote or not, if you are having +5/6 meetings per week with different people and teams this is not an easy thing. Asking for a friend! ;P


Andrea Cavagna
We document each meeting on Notion (, so we can keep track of everything said in the meeting. We elect a secretary for any Meeting, so as the meeting as finished, the next steps are already tracked :)
Lluís Ventura
One question, @andrea_cavagna? Who can read the meeting notes? Or they are always public to everyone in the org?
Gergely Varga
I use Asana, have a separate project for each client. I take notes (pen & paper) during meetings and immediately afterward create tasks in Asana. (During meeting you have to agree who takes ownership of each task). Tick them off as they are done. Also keep a 'Next steps' Section for (uh) next steps I have to do... :) This can be translated to most task manager platforms. I hope this helps
Fernando Nikolic (
I've made a couple of G Sheets to track and prioritize action items. One uses the prioritization matrix mental model. Check it out here: Also browse through if it helps
Sumit Datta [dwata] 👋
I am not at that volume yet for my product but I had that in past (own/other) startups. I use Kanban like flow in PM tools. Notes are in the card for each client. This assumes that the calls are for some purpose are the process ends for each client at some point. So, not support calls.
Maxime Parmentier
Hi! We just launched today Topicflow which exactly what it is designed to do. You connect your calendar, and we provide an agenda for you to take notes, record decisions and assign action items. Action items will be prompted to you in the next meeting. Check it out! Cheers!