How was your organic growth in 2019? Did you achieve your growth goals? If not, why?

Umair Mansha
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Alex Papageorge
Depended on product. The one with less success was due to being too close / lack of UX. Basically saying, the mobile app's features were hidden therefore confusing the user. We we-designed a bit and are scheduled to re-launch in a few months.
Umair Mansha
@alex_papageorge1 Always be testing, Glad to know that you are actively making changes that your users are asking. Good luck and happy new year.
Teekay Rezeau-Merah
I haven't because I was all over the place. Lack of time and chasing users didn't work out for me, now I'm more focused on what really matters and the quality of my work, users will come
Umair Mansha
@teekay Way to go bud! Focus on what matters (product) and don't worry about stuff that you can't control.
Shaheer Ahmed ✪
I personally did achieve many goals but on 4th of January 2020, it's the launch of a scam/spam directory " Unmasp " hopefully it would be amazing ❣️🙏🏼
shawn berlin
Well yes, I can say I have achieved good growth in Yellowstone jacket.