What do you think about website personalization?

Donald Ng
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Hey guys, I've recently been working on a new product call Personalized Experience for Howuku. The idea is we allow our users to create hyper personalized content based on URL, Referrer, and Event based action. We are going to introduce dynamic keywords as well where you can input dynamic {{keyword}} into webpage and load the value from Event attributes or URL parameter or etc. It is nothing new but I think it is a great addition to Howuku's collection of product to make it truly an all-in-one conversion rates optimization platform. Check out the demo at https://howuku.com/ What do you guys think about it?


Nikita Dutta
Website personalization is great if you want to provide your customers with what they are looking for. This will help you increase your sales. But the question is how will you get to know about your website visitor's requirements? Use LeadMagic (leadmagic.io) as it is software that will help you gather all the important information about your website visitors such as the pages they had a look at, time duration, the source through which they found out about you and more.