Looking for Webflow dev/designer (CMS HEAVY)

John Lasak
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/ / / TLDR: I need a good Webflow developer and designer hybrid to bring my website to the next level. I have looked on the Webflow site and Fiverr for some suggestions but the listings are generic and not very personal. I would much rather prefer a recommendation or direct outreach by the freelancer. Does anyone have any recommendations or good marketplaces to find someone who can help me? / / / Bigger story: I am building my project on Webflow. I don't have the time to spend learning and building it out more the way I want to, because I need to put a lot of time into producing content and growing the community itself. I want to build it on Webflow so that I can continue to grow it on there myself and learn from whatever the developer builds. I genuinely enjoy Webflow and recommend it to anyone interested in #nocode. I have a decent requirements document put together that I can share with someone later tonight. Thanks for reading!
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