what do you think which social media platform is the game changer for youth oriented businees ?

Sourav saxena
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waiting for the response


Nicolò Marchesi
I don't think tiktok will ever be used for business purposes (at least not for all kind of business). Usually people on tiktok are there to have fun, not to hear about the new product or feature. There are some interesting experimentation with challenges.
Razvan Angheluta
@pethron I have same opinion about TikTok. I think it depends what you are targeting, but if you are talking about youth, Instagram all the way. "We see that Facebook has more users, while Instagram is more common among younger users and may be a better target for companies who want a younger demographic. Facebook is better for direct response advertising and Instagram is better for brand marketing; focusing on the quality and aesthetics drawing brand awareness." You can find more here: https://www.readyartwork.com/fac...
Sourav saxena
@pethron actually somehow you are right instagram is the major source for business prospect as we are seeing youth in interest now i am not having any doubt they just tricked tiktok short video community named reels so . i must say well played instagram :P