What did you miss in 2019, that you would like to do in 2020?

John Bauer
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Every new year, we make resolutions and try to remain positive, motivated and achieve them. Some of us manage to do that, but some of us miss the targets. I was trying to lose weight in 2019, and I did, which I'm really proud of. I had more career-related targets, but I couldn't achieve all of them. I have more targets this year, and I want to achieve them as well. Share your goals and what steps are you going to take to achieve them? Are you serious about that this time around?


Parthibakumar Murugesan
Same Here my transformation 83 to 75KG
John Bauer
@parthibakumar_murugesan Happy New Year, mate, Cheers to a new calendar :-D
Björn Antonissen
In 2018 I traveled a lot. In 2019 I was unable to do that because of my work. I hope to travel more in 2020 and work remotely
John Bauer
@bjornftw Travelling is fun, you are enjoying the real life, mate, keep it up.You had to see so many things, what was the most memorable?
vineesh tp
I will try to wake up early morning in 2020
John Bauer
@vineesh_tp This one is really interesting, it might sound easy, but it's not. Well, all the best to do that. May I know when you're going to wake up these days?
Alex Conway
i’d like to go a whole year without burning out 😅
Hat Johnson
I want to take evenings to be more social. I feel that this year I was either working or I was at the gym. Also- I want to stop eating sugary snacks. I could afford to go to the gym so much less if I did that
John Bauer
@hatbaggins That's so good to hear. Do make the positive changes. All the best to do that.
Hat Johnson
@john_bauer1 Thank you and Happy New Year! What are your targets for this year? You did well with your targets last year it seems.
John Bauer
@hatbaggins Yeah, I managed to do well in 2019, I accomplished the basic things I wanted, now I want to be more involved working on my websites and working hard on the items I've created.
Rajat Patel
I will learn programming skills and look for freelance projects.
Justin George
In 2019, I wanted to write more. I managed to write only about 20-30 pages. In 2020, I hope to write more.
John Bauer
@georgejustin22 Sure, you ought to do that. All the best for it.
Debajit Sarkar
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