$48k ARR Guaranteed Side Hustle

Alexander Moen
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So, it's too soon for me to do another Product Launch here, so I figured I'll just toss my newest temporary addition into the discussion forums. But, it's a big announcement nonetheless. Today, I launch a $48k guaranteed "Done-With-You Side Hustle Accelerator." What is it exactly? In a nutshell, it's the full A-to-Z process for evaluating problems based around your skills and knowledge, finding great solutions to those problems that customers like, and finding the best features and more along the way. It's a mixture of using my current software, along with done-with-you personalized assistance too. If you're wondering how I can make such a promise, I previously ran a business specifically for taking new and unknown products and finding ways to reliably sell them and train others to do so too. I got that business to do $150k revenue in a month and helped nearly 1,000 products, companies, and individuals along the way. So, you can be confident we'll make something happen together. Only two people can join though. And it is first come, first served. I can only effectively work with two people because I'm continuing to expand my software applications for testing and launching the best product ideas out there. And, the processes and nuances of working with these two people will help a lot there, but also take lots of time and energy. Plus, this whole engagement comes with a great guarantee: Hit $48,000+ annual run rate within 6 months of your launch, or I work for you for free until you do. If jumping onboard for either your own side hustle, or adding a top-tier second product sounds good, then this is likely right up your alley: https://www.mcsmartypants.com/do... If you want to jump on a Zoom call, I'm more than happy to do so, so long as there are still spots available. Thank you and I look forward to working with someone from the PH community.


Alexander Moen
Oh, and to answer some questions: we'll be aiming for a $2k+ product with 75% margins for you. The cost is either $3,500 or $1,295 split into 3 monthly payments, so the guarantee will more than pay for itself. For those that sign up, some freebie bonuses are: 1) Free premium website, theme, URL, a year of hosting, and professional and email address tied to your company domain name ($1,000 value) 2) 20 commercial-grade images or graphics ($1,000 value) 3) Free logo creation and social media banners done by an outsourced pro ($500 value) 4) "How to sell and market even if you're uncomfortable and inexperienced" resource package that I've literally taught to 100s of people, many of them uncomfortable and with zero experience generating revenue ($1,995 value) 5) The "No Person Left Behind Safety Net" package. 17 consulting calls throughout your journey to navigate each tricky step of the way ($1,650 value) 6) Prime the Pump Social Blasts: my LinkedIn posts get 4,000 views on average. I will post about you and your development 20 times. 4,000 views x 20 posts = 80,000 expected views. At a typical $20 cost per thousand views on LinkedIn, that's a $1,600 value 7) Post-Launch Product-Market Fit Guidance: how do you know your offering is connecting with the feedback you received from the marketplace? How do you know when you can take your side hustle into a full company with no risk? You'll get tools and tricks covering this too. Plus, again, we're verifying product-market fit for your new offering every step of the way with your future market to ensure it is something they'd pay for. Email Alexander@McSmartyPants.com with any questions or to set up a Zoom to discuss things further.