Can this be considered as overengineering?

Nenad Golubović
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Hey people, is working alone full stack + marketing + community building a bit too much for one person?


Hosea varghese
I guess it depends on how much time you have. If you choose the self made path, it probably will take a long time.
Ryan Wilson
I'm trying to do this myself with It can definitely feel overwhelming at times. I think the key is being organized and staying motivated. Setting and sticking to specific times for dev work, market research, and community building is important. Structure it all in a way that you won't get burnt out. Consistent work over a long period of time is how you'll get there. I've burnt myself out many times and it only makes me go way slower than if I just didn't try to do so much.
Sounds like the usual solo entrepreneur story to me! In the beginning you have to do everything yourself and as the tasks grow you have to decide wether to invest more time or outsource to services or people. Just start simple and keep track of the time you're spending on different parts of the business
Andy Dent
Like @ryanwilson I'm doing this myself with and, yeah, once you get past the initial product 1.0 it becomes a mix of radically different tasks. I try to maintain a pool of things to do in each area so if my mood is to do marketing, I have a task ready to go. I *always* have a massive dev backlog with a long Roadmap