If you are a frequent traveler/backpacker, how did COVID19 affect your summer plans?

Mohamed Abdel-Maksoud
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Trying to gauge the effect on my app (https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
I cancelled my plans
I'll travel less/within my country
No effect


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I travel for a living. Covid ruined travel so much that I started new business to move away from travel. I expect 2021 to be better, but full recovery won't happen until 2022. :(
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@yuzumetrix Thanks for the feedback Gergely sad to hear that! I'm a hobby traveler and was also affected but I imagine the effect in your case is worse. Do you mind sharing generally how covid made your travel-based income infeasible?
Founder at Yuzu Metrix. Call me G. :)
@m0ham3d Sure thing. Covid cut my income 90%. I am seeing a small increase now that some countries are opening, but 5-10% increase will make no difference for now...
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I became a full time traveler/nomad from 1 November 2019. And now for the last 3 months I am living in the same hostel in Laos. I do not see things to improve much. Not just the virus but there is a lot of impact on economy and people's lives. Travel is a luxury now when people are struggling in so many places.