What are your goals for 2020? šŸš€

Aaron O'Leary
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Setting goals are a good way to motivate us to get to a place we want to be and to also keep us accountable! What are your 2020 goals? Mine are: Write a cookbook Launch my current side project Radiant Spend more time with family Read 50 books


Spend more time in nature Travel further and meet new people Step up my maker game Buy a motorola Razr (lol)
Justin E. Harris
@yapartase @abhi__khatri The new Razr is sexy af. It's so far the most practical and beautiful looking folding phone designed to date.
Piotr Bartoszek
Personal: šŸ  Move to my own apartment šŸ’ Get married Professional: šŸ“± Redesign a job board app for German market šŸƒā€ā™‚ļø Continue work on my side project: www.owwly.com
Piotr Bartoszek
@nile Thank you so much! If you have your own product, I encourage you to add it to Owwly and share your progress with the community ;)
Walid Shaar
@piotr_bartoszek The Landing page of owwly seems really interesting. Do you recommend putting BETA products there too? Since feedback is crucial in such stages
Piotr Bartoszek
@walid_shaar I definitely recommend to add beta products and update your future users about your progress :D We are not in the stage where you can get feedback directly on Owwly (no comments section yet, needs to be developed) but you can gain visibility. Login, add your product nad share your progress! I would be so happy to see you among Owwly community!
Piotr Bartoszek
@pjorg thank you so much for kind words! Encourage to follow our progress and new products which appear on the main site ;)
Walid Shaar
@piotr_bartoszek For sure! that seems lovely. We have already developed an App (still inner though), would I be able to get testers to download it and check it out? since getting feedback is most crucial at our stage? (Its free btw :) )
Khemraj Junior
Personal: Read a book per moth Finish my house Professional: Get my first job as ui designer Move to another state or country To make a project
Ijoma Blessing
wish I could put them in public
Brendan Weinstein
Far too many goals to expand at the moment but for starters, Id like to be much more responsive and more helpful in these daily maker discussion on Product Hunt not just on social.
Sagun Shrestha
Quit freelancing Launch my product Create a remote team Focus on the non tech side of product development Travel more often
Ruslan Gumarov
Are there any services or applications that can help you set a goal and control it?
Andrew Goodwin
Make money from my own product (vs building for someone else). I don't even need to be rich. Just want enough to buy myself lunch every once in awhile.
Juan Carlos Garza R
- Read at least 8 hrs/week - Finish a comeback triathlon ( had a torn ACL injury a year and a half ago) - Launch 2 small side projects
kerick jeff
Pursue a MSc Computer Science degree Grow readership and social presence for my blog Travel + learn + network + relax Pray and learn more about my Catholic faith
Alkan Balkaya
You can use www.corvisio.com to track your goals. It is free for up to 3 users! You should give it a try guys! :) @corvisio
Victor Khodalov
reach 10mln users. LifeViewer Productivity Super App
Dima Braven
My main goal sounds like 2020 should be better than 2019. - launch 5 products - expand my team to 10 people. - public speak more than 5 times - visit 10 countries - make a product design course
Poonam A
Learn Salsa Develop Inner Peace Read 20 books Travel to Africa
adjoint +/- norm
Launch my project ngrid, an IDE for music composition http://ngrid.io
Huaiyu Khaw
Read more, Write more, Share more, Speak more, Build and launched side projects!
Muntasir Rashid
#1: Launching my SaaS venture studio #2: Starting to workout again #3: Be more closer to nature #4: Read 12 books
Marko Saric
My primary goal is to make more environmentally conscious decisions whenever possible. I'm thinking along these lines: - buy minimal necessary amount of stuff in general - choose local, seasonal and less-packaged stuff when buying groceries - choose independent and environmentally conscious producers over large multinationals - drink tap water and loose leaf tea instead of drinks packaged in plastic bottles - consume minimal amount of meat/milk/cheese/fish/eggs - walk and run - take buses and trains instead of a personal car, cab or plane
Alok Kumar
Get 100,000 users for my app
Justin E. Harris
1) Become a full-time independent / freelance creative 2) Use monthly content calendars to create consistently