Algorithmically generated newsletter on ESG (or other topics); shutting it down -- advice??

Wojciech Gryc
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Hi everyone, Over the past several months, I've been running a newsletter on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics. The thing is generated automatically by crawling 15,000+ news articles a day and finding things that are relevant to experts. The tech is great, but the ESG space is not where I'll be focusing on this. It takes 10-15 hours a month to run, so I was thinking of shutting it down. So Product Hunt product experts and makers -- do you have any advice on what I can do with this ESG newsletter? If you have a use case for this or know someone who might, I'm happy to have them take over it or collaborate. I don't mind covering the costs of even running the newsletter if there's an audience for it. It's an email-only thing, but you can see a sample of the sort of content we put into it here: Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks, Wojciech
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