Is there a tool that builds a flow chart based on the text (steps) you've written?

Ruben Olthuis
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Does anyone know if there is a tool which can automatically built a flow chart based the text you have written? I always struggle with placing the correct pieces of a flowchart in the right place. I can write it down quite easily step by step, but I find it difficult to make a good looking flow chart of it. Just wondering :)


Hosea varghese
I don't know about any such tools out there😕, however I think that's a great app idea😀
Austin Yang
The closest thing I've came across are tools that let you bullet-points into mindmaps. I know XMind can do it, and I'm sure there are others that do that same? Curious, how would you write it down to describe the relationships of different steps? and why can't you do it with flowchart?
Ruben Olthuis
I found myself a product which is also on PH >> !Textografo however still a product that needs more templates and options, it definitely is the product I was looking for.