What I think B2B marketers should be doing before creating any content

Victor Ijidola
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Shared this on Reddit yesterday and many found it useful. So I thought to share it here as well. 6 things to do before creating any B2B content: Ask yourself: "What topics do my audience really need content on?" 1. Ask a second question: "What do they want to know about these topics?" 2. Make sure you have enough experience to write on what they want to know or, at least, use deep research to create truly helpful content. 3. Another key question to ask: "Is there an opportunity to create awareness/interest for our product in this content, while delivering value to our audience, and without being salesly? If no, examine why you're creating the content. 4. Be succinct enough in your content and don't hold back on sharing anything that would be helpful. 5. use visuals; they make your content clearer and easier to digest. Three things to do after writing blog content: - promote content to your network - promote content using ads and reach those outside your network - promote content through partnerships (also to reach prospects outside your network) Did I miss anything? . . I regularly share stuff like this with smart B2B marketers on my list; see what it's all about: https://www.premiumcontentshop.c...
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