Finally completed the [AWESOME] rebuild (could use testers)

Tony Territo
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It's been a rough week but I've managed to complete the full rebuild of I'll be posting some more about it tomorrow but would like to get a few people to test it out. Major usability bugs have been resolved with navigation, mobile nav, and auto-complete functionality. I also have some amazing benchmarks to share: The landing page size went down from 1.11MB to 128KB! Total requests from 30 to ~7-9! (2 extra requests periodically for benchmarking) Load time from nearly 3 seconds to 0.5 seconds! Here's a quick comparison: What's better than that? The insane load time is ~0.5s world-wide! < 0.4s load time from Dallas, USA: < 0.5s load time from Vancouver, Canada: < 0.5s load time from London, UK: 0.5s load time from Mumbai, India: 0.5s load time from Sydney, Australia: 0.6s load time from Hong Kong, China:


Tri Do
Hi, I think the site performance seems good, except the portal site, where it took me a good 3s to load. Performance aside, my feeling tell me that the look needs to be more appealing to remote worker, who seeks for freedom and more colorful life. Just my 2 cents :D
Tony Territo
@tri_do Thanks for the feedback! The portal is only for companies listing jobs and that will vary greatly in load time due to it being in a central location. The primary goal is for the rest of the site to load fast for those searching for jobs. As for your design recommendation, I agree, it could use some more vibrant colors to uplift the site a little. I'm not much of a designer but will see what I can come up with. If you have any other recommendations, please feel free to share. I love constructive feedback.