Would love to hear some Feedback on my product before launching on Product Hunt 🙏

Naveh Mevorach
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Hi! I just finished working on Fluentlly. A platform that helps non-native English speakers to speak English fluently. Fluentlly renders a daily article to read out loud and provides some extra features to help you read the article correctly. The method "Reading out loud" is recommended by many researchers. Using the Platform is Free =) I would love to hear some feedback and feature suggestions before I'm launching on product hunt. you can find the Landing page on: https://fluentlly.com and the App on: https://app.fluentlly.com Thanks, Naveh


Sounds like an amazing idea to me, I hope execution is equally as good.
Naveh Mevorach
@iamsheezy Thanks! You can check it out on https://app.fluently.com and share with me your feedback =)
Bobby Zhang
Very cool. Good luck!
Curcumin Adore
Nice idea! Suggested feature: Allow the user to look up the definition of a specific word or phrase using one or more of the major English dictionaries. Another suggestion: Allow the user to input their own article/text.