Looking for a mentor!

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Hello all! I have been going hard at this product development thing for a little over 2 years an have not had as much success as I would have like to see. Ain't nothing wrong with what I have accomplished and I feel as though I am on the right path to succeed in my entrepreneurship goals, but I would like to accelerate. I am looking for a mentor to help advise/coach me when it comes to: - building products - marketing - monetizing - building a business Would be extremely grateful for anyone who is willing to mentor me, or if you could pass me on to someone who is able. I have a lot of ideas, a lot of motivation, but just need a little guidance to help me avoid mistakes and leap forward in accomplishing my goals. Thanks for reading ❤️


Are you interested in exchanging skills? I'm looking for a code reviewer and help on coding JS/Vue/Phaser.
@andrefuchs I am 100% open to that! My Vue knowledge is limited but I could get up to speed on it quickly 👏 JS is my thing so I can definitely provide value there.
@andrefuchs can you DM on twitter so we can figure out the details?
Adam Bruce
You've got me for 3 of those things ;)
@bruceldn haha! Definitely! The more opinions the better my friend ;)
Alex Arevalo
I'm looking to get started into this PH community and I'm an experienced PM of 6+ years turned founder. I'd be happy to become email pals if you'd like to discuss ideas and get feedback. Also I think I can provide very straightforward tips to improving in the PM space that many of my mentors taught me.