What is the best way to build a P2P marketplace?

Dana Kozubska
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Marketplace is pretty complex, so I would like to hear your opinions on the topic. Which way would you choose: 1) build a marketplace from scratch; 2) develop on top of SaaS marketplace like ShareTribe; 3) use a ready-made software like Magento extensions; 4) use APIs as a service. Additionally, could you explain why? Looking forward to your answers.


Austin Yang
Depends on how unique the transaction model is for your niche. If ready-made solutions are flexible enough to add specific features on top, then that's probably the best approach. However, I highly doubt that'll be the case. Sooner or later you'll need a fully-custom built platform to scale. If you find ready-made solutions enough to handle pretty much everything you need, your defensibility will base entirely on your ability to acquire supply & demand. There are cases where this approach can be successful (e.g. you are first to be there, highly-reputable, connected brand in the space, lots of cash to burn...etc), but just be aware that in this approach, the software isn't the core part of your "product," operation & marketing are. I wrote an article breaking down freelance/talent marketplaces, but I think a lot of concepts apply to other P2P marketplaces (service-based especially) also. You can take a look: https://austinyang.co/freelance-...
Dana Kozubska
@iamaustinyang Thanks Austin, I do agree that ready-made software isn't the best approach if one plans to scale later and add more custom integrations. Concerning marketing and operations, I believe it's a good idea to plan it ahead to make sure your product will be in demand in the crowded market (or not). That's why, it might be worth considering developing it all from the ground up to your specific needs. In the article attached above I've explained this in more detail.