🤔 Can you recommend a good Affiliate Program that works on Web (Stripe), iOS & Android?

dave radparvar
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Hi there PH'ers! I am looking for a good affiliate solution that works across all channels, tracks attributed revenue & automates payment? Do you have any suggestions? Something like Getrewardful.com or Linkmink.com but that also tracks payments through iOS and Android app stores. Or if there are no tools you know, I'd love to hear how approach affiliate tracking across platforms. Thanks! Dave


Jessica Devine
Great question - I'm eager to see what folks have to say as well.
Thomas Tegart
There seem to be a lot of places that can do it but for some reason they do not mention it upfront on websites. However, you can find it in the help documentation. I believe most of the big networks like CJ can track website and mobile app installs. Some can track in-app purchases. Here are some that seem to be able to track app installs and website revenue.: Talkable: https://www.talkable.com/mobile-app Referral Rock: https://referralrock.com/blog/mo... Amitad: https://help.admitad.com/en/adve... Impact Radius: https://impact.com/mobile/ PepperJam: https://www.pepperjam.com/blog/o... Max Bounty: https://www.maxbounty.com/ I have a longer list of affiliate networks on my website if you want it (I am a software directory website so this is what I do). Just click click on my profile and navigate to the "Affiliate & Referral Marketing (from the Merchant's perspective)" category.