Thoughts on working for yourself or for a employer

Marthinus Maritz
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Thomas Miskiewicz
Employment not for me. Sorry. When I think about everything I cannot do when employed. No, sorry!
Marthinus Maritz
@tmiskiew ďamn. Sorry 10 month late reply . Jip I was always good with people loved to work for them and make them wealthy I don't work with my technical skills I lost that years ago. But I'm a tinker and a builder I can fix àlmost anything. Now that I have to say seen the last of my days as a ďìèsel mech. I have only realized there is no point in working a boss if I believed in myself them as I do now I would've been much better off. I'm on day 44 recovering from spinal surgery and all of that to please the boss. Too bad. 44 more days and I'll bey gunning the jobs again. FOR MYSELF. ÈMPLOYERS DONT LOOK ÀFTÈR THERE STAFF THATS A FACT..