I'm Sean, maker of ZooWho! (Personal CRM / Contacts Manager)

Sean Bair
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I was struggling to remember a name from someone I’d recently met. It became embarrassing that I couldn’t remember so I thought, there’s got to be an easier way to record and recall important details about people. I embarked on writing an app that combines the best of users’ contacts, calendar, notes and reminders apps - all geared toward nurturing personal relationships. Of course, the app is useful for business too! Much like a CRM, ZooWho enables people to keep track of everyone in their “zoo.” ZooWho turns you into that person who never seems to forget a name, face or fact about someone; the person we all hope to be because it seems they have an amazing memory and care enough about people to remember important details about them. I hope that you'll find ZooWho useful. It's available for free for iOS and Android and just launched here on Product Hunt! Check it out on my profile. We're constantly improving, let me know what features would be helpful! How would you use this app?
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