Trying to see if people on PH are interested in product to reduce their carbon footprint

Illai Gescheit
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yiyi zuzu
Yes, but don't know how/too lazy to implement it
Dana Kozubska
Yes, in fact we recently integrated a browser extension into our website. It earns a commission to fund carbon offset projects. This isn't a direct method, but still. You can learn more on it here:
Illai Gescheit
@dana_kozubska This is very interesting. Check out also VYVE which we launched on PH as well and would love to hear what you think?
Caroline Schneider
Hey Illia! Thank you for opening up this discussion. We at GreenFrame are very eager to reduce our as well as other developers' carbon footprint. This is why we created a tool that allows other developers to measure and reduce their website's CO2 emissions. If you're interested in this topic too, check out GreenFrame!