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My Cold Wallet
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Hello, this is Jeayoung Han, the CEO at Mycoldwallet. I’m excited to announce the completion of our project Mycoldwallet. Prior to the project launch, to verify its security and guarantee its safety, we are planning to hold a Hacking Contest to the public. Everybody, please come and hack the blockchain account if you can!! Purpose of the event: To find any possible malfunctions or errors that can cause inconvenience or security problems. Anyone who can control the protection account without the signature of either the user or management system is the winner of the contest. Dates of the event 1st round: 10~15 of Dec. 2nd round: 16~22 of Dec. 3rd round: 13~29 of Dec. Prize for winners Critical bug detector: $1,000 and 20,000 MCW Tokens Normal bug detector: $200 and 5,000 MCW Tokens The leftover prize from each round will be carried forward to the next round. ** Critical bug: A situation that can make the protection account locked or have the assets in the account transferred to another place without the user signature. ** Normal bug: A situation that cannot control the protection account but that can cause small operational glitches. ** Any participants who find a problem or error in the program can contact for the reward. ** The first verified detection is only valid for the reward. Detailed information a.Target protection account(Rinkeby Testnet) b. ABI link of the protection account ** The participants can use all the command words on the ABI file attached here. ** Explanation of Mycoldwallet: We are a cryptocurrency wallet service program that provides a Protection Account which is programmed with the Smart-contract. At the time of the account creation, the system registers two signatures in the account. One is a user’s signature and the other is a management signature. The activation of the keys is controlled by a waiting period that the user selects on the account setup. During the waiting period, only the user’s signature can control the account but when it expires the management signature can control the account. This waiting period is automatically renewed when there is a withdrawal in the account. I invite any hacker who is up to the challenge to help us improve our service. MYCOLDWALLET.IO
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