What is the percentage of sport in your daily life ?

Esteban Gonçalves
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0% (no sport)
15% (you walking and biking to go to work)
30% (30/45min workout per day)
50% (1H/2H workout per day)


For my stats, this percentage has risen and fallen over the past few months. I need to be consistent and maintain a healthier lifestyle :)
i am student
The most important thing is to reduce the total time spent sitting and lying down and break up the intervals of long sitting into smaller ones, making motor activity uniform throughout the day. I would advise you to take breaks from work every hour and fill them with movement. Even if you stand up for a few seconds and sit down differently, there will be less swelling in the body purely anatomically. You can buy an hourglass for two to five minutes and use it during a break. So you will accustom your body to constant activity. And in the future, if you want to start studying seriously. then consult your doctor about possible supplements like steroids https://paradigmpeptides.com/pro....