Need beta users and feedback for our product (

Alexandra Yeo
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Hi all - I'd love any feedback (criticisms, praise, thoughts, strategy, anything) for our product Teamo, a corporate group card made social. Here's our PH page: 🙌 or you could access our launch page directly: 🚀 Thanks!


Hi Alexandra! I love the idea of corporate cards but more social! With my experience in my current company, these are really mood boosters for the team. This is timely since more and more businesses are going digital. I really love your landing page - it gives a simple but very intuitive feel. I easily understood what the concept is all about and I got to say, I was convinced and sold. Great work on this!
@kyren_mearr_cabellon Hi Eclaire, thanks so much for your feedback! If you will, we'd like to invite you to try out our beta product once it's ready - check out our PH landing page!
@alexandra_yeo Yes, I have already signed up for the Beta! Looking forward to it. By the way, why was it named "Teamo"? What is the inspiration?