If ironing 2.0 is to exist what would it look like for you

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Ironing has not experienced a technological revolution, unlike the mop which is now replaced by a small washing robot. Let's invent a new generation dry cleaning together.


Gergely Varga
E) A machine which washes, irons, folds and puts the clothes away... :)
Emily Hodgins
I don't think I've ironed anything since 2011
Alex Devero
Ironing is redundant. How about clothes that don't need it?
Victor R. Sanchez Jara
Haven't ironed clothes in a while. If you use a dryer you just need to fold the clothes while they are still hot.
Boby Ui
A machine that do the washing, irons and folding thats it! :)
Indie Ryan
Like a printer that took in your cloth, and pressed it dot by dot to give the perfect ironing. It would be great if it folded it too. I would buy your product, if you can make something amazing that makes ironing easier. I hate doing it.
Halyna Divakova
The society where all people don't give a shit about ironing or other people not ironing :) But if you really want to iron things, then maybe some sort of a capsule where you put it, and shut the door, and the job is done in a minute thanks to steam. (I don't want to do anything related to steaming or ironing myself)
Alex Vik
Laundry Service is a system that deals with washing, drying and ironing processes of the clothes, sheets, towels, uniforms or another types of garments.