A Love Letter to CAMP - Fundraising for Indie Film.

Indie Birds
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Synopsis : 42 Year old Sasi is a corporate & Ad film maker, lives in Hyderabad. One day he plans to go to his village and shoot it using the new drone camera he’s bought. His village is in Telangana state in Jogulamba Gadwala district. It’s called Nouroji Camp. Almost 60 years back a man from Andhra came here and settled and his relatives and friends also followed the same, because buying farms here was very cheap. That’s how it’s became Nouroji Camp. Sasi’s got vey fond memories of this village, his grandparents lived there and he used to go there for every vacation. His grandparents are no more but Sasi visits the village twice a year. This time he decided to visit the village with a purpose – shooting the village with a drone camera and also wants to take his niece who has never been to Camp. Sasi is very close to his niece, they are like good friends. Sasi’s girl friend (a Bengali) also joins them. Three of them hit the road and reache the village. They spend two nights and three days there. Story will be told from three different perspectives of the main characters (Sasi, The Niece and The Girlfriend). For Pitch Trailer and to Donate Please visit : https://www.indiebirds.com/produ...
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