Building culture based job board with high quality jobs and best companies to work with

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I'm trying to create a new dimension in the job search process through company culture, benefits and work style. Excited to share my first product with all of you for the valuable feedback!


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Sounds great, let me know when you launch
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@samabrika1 Sure, thanks for the support. Will be launching very soon!
A curious maker & a product manager!
@samabrika1 hey here is our site and it will be live shortly on PH - Will be nice to hear your feedback! Thanks
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there's already a thing for that @lynne_tye
A curious maker & a product manager!
@gonelf Yes, thanks for sharing. Although similar, we are going with a slightly different approach and audience through wide range of roles and companies. I strongly feel there is a lot of room in the culture fit job space :)