Developers of PH, looking for your feedback

Sameera Vanekar
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We are building a solution that makes it easier to offer integrations to end users - Pathfix. Simply click on the application you would like to integrate to and connect. We will handle the connection and communication. Here is the link to site: We have a few beta users signed up already. Would you use it? Any feedback would be appreciated :)


Jay Signorello
I certainly like the idea of not having to deal with OAUTH integrations! As a developer, what would make me more excited about this is to see some code samples that show me how this saves me time and also allows me to have control over the experience I want.
Sameera Vanekar
Thanks @jaysignorello I hear you on the code samples and agree 100%. We will be including some samples along with screenshots of the code that highlights those aspects. On the control side of it - you would have complete control on the experience, including how the button looks and what messages you would like to send to your users apps. In fact, having an integration strategy would be a starting point for you to extract true value. I'd love to send you the early beta access to the platform (our MVP is scheduled for launch this week). How does that sound?