Are there any paid SEO tools that will rank my website on google page 1 search results?

Anand Radhakrishnan
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As a startup solo founder i have struggled to get traffic to my website There is only so much blogging, social media and content marketing i can do. I havent had good experiences with paid SEO services so hence the question. Are there any SEO tools that will do all the good stuff of backlinks and rank my website on page 1 of google search results for certain keywords???


Jay Signorello
I wouldn't say that you'll find any tools that will magically get you to page 1. If they do, it's because they're doing whats called "blackhat" tactics, which will likely get your site penalized at some point. I'd recommend checking out Their pro tool will analyze your site and provide recommendations of how you can optimize it from a technical standpoint. In addition to that, you will need todo some keyword research to understand what keywords users might use to find your product and build a landing page that targets those keywords. After that, it's just the waiting game, as Google needs to crawl your site and then rank it. While that's happening, you can spend time trying to get backlinks.