Need feedback on landing page and looking for beta users!

Anna Grigoryan
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Hey, I just completed a redesign of a landing page for Community Finder, and would love to get some feedback! Also if you dig the product I'm currently looking for beta testers :)


Prashant Nigam
Page seems to be down. What is it about?
Anna Grigoryan
@prashantbuddy where are you located? I have this problem with some users and can't understand why is this happening :(
Anna Grigoryan
@prashantbuddy what does it say? can you send me an error message you get?
Prashant Nigam
@angrigoryan__ Error message in quotes -> "Safari can’t open the page “”. The error is: “Load cannot follow more than 20 redirections” (:0)"
Victoria Jackson
I like it. Easy on the eye and to navigate through. There are some typos on the home page and some inconsistencies in the copy e.g. is it Community Finder or Community finder as both appear. Similarly, should Slack, Telegram etc. be capitalized rather than all lower case.
Yves Hoppe
Very lightweight, clean and minimalist. Just some notes: The hover effect is annoying (especially as it's not clickable) .heading-center:hover { border-bottom: 1px solid #0d75c5; } .sec-3-pricing could need some padding at the bottom (not only margin). As a non-us citizen I might be wrong, but shouldn't the $ sign in front of the price? ($100 instead of 100 $) Hover effect for the buttons would be nice, maybe fill use the border color to fill it. The effects on the start page are causing rendering issues.
Robin Nessensohn
Hi :) really interesting page! Would be keen to hear more and maybe there could be a possibility for collaboration? We are at the moment building a community for innovators with https://www.reallygoodinnovation... What do you think?
Anna Grigoryan
@robin_nessensohn I'm really happy that you liked it! Feel free to email me at, and we can talk about the possible collaboration.
Victor Ribero
I would move the sign up section to the hero (header) this will increase the ratio. On the other hand, I would give a max-width to the elements so it looks more centered or boxed! I like the design! well done 😃