How do you support your health?

Kate Fowler
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How do you support your health?


Lisa Skilu
I like to support my health with different medications. Recently, I found out that it's possible to do without going outdoors. I used to read a lot about touchi and even got one. This is a high-quality Japan medical treatmnet, helping to optimize health, to reduce fat and to live without different thiknesesses.
Gomoja Radu
i motivate it :) - go health , never give up !
Jay Signorello
In addition to the usual things, such as eating well, exercising and resting, I also practice self-compassion. In other words, I try to be as kind to myself as I am towards others, not beating myself up for mistakes I make or using cognitive distortions (i.e. irrational thoughts that can influence your emotions). This is especially important when building a business and products since it can be emotionally draining endeavor. If you're interested in learning more, checkout this TEDx talk:
I could also recommend a book.
Alex Barlow
I'm terrible, But I do walk everywhere even in the rain. Otherwise I work way to hard, even when sick. Cannot help it, I like what I do and get bored easily.
Jenny Roy
I love yoga and meditation. Eating healthy foods and Love my work.