Are there campers here to discuss new tent products?

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It seems that many people on this site are interested in electronic products. I'm not sure how many people like camping products?


Joonas Hämäläinen
I've done camping quite much in the past, but been years since last time. I've been thinking of getting hammock and using that as camping gear, instead of sleeping in car. Or some really small tent, that I could keep in car. Few years back I was driving around a lot, and it wasn't uncommon that late at night I got tired, so I just stopped and slept few hours in car before continuing. So could make that as part of camping experience really. :)
Mark Lense
Yes, I also really like camping and recently I decided to return to an old hobby and faced the fact that I do not have a tent and much other equipment that I would like to take on a camping trip. But recently, when I was looking, I came across reviews on and saw that people write that they have pretty high-quality tents and have a guarantee. I liked it, because I found various other bowlers and other useful things from them.